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NS-ICG (Netentsec Internet Control Gateway) is the first professional internet behavior hardware product in China. It has functions of user management, application control, webpage filtering, content auditing, traffic management and behavior analysis.

Intranet users have access to various information on the Internet. This brings convenience, but meanwhile the Intranet is likely to be attacked by Internet Trojan, viruses and other malicious code and get paralyzed. Work efficiency reduction: Increasingly more employees are taking network activities irrelevant to work during work time, such as using emails incompliantly, browsing illegal websites, downloading music and movies in Bit Torrent and watching streaming media online. These seriously affect employees’ work efficiency...detail>>

Accurate identification: Identification ability of an Internet behavior management product is the key factor to decide whether it is effective. The management will only be effective when the product has wide identification range and high identification accuracy. Leading webpage identification ability: With the world's largest Chinese web page classification library built-in, the product can identify contents on 30 million websites... detail>>