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Netentsec Network Proxy Server (NS-NPS), a new generation of professional hardware proxy server product, adopting a hardware platform with high performance and high reliability, provides clients with network proxy, acceleration, authentification of...

For now the control of the internet visits is mainly realized through the firewall, however, as traditional network security equipment, it is mainly used for visit control, under which condition, the content of internet visits cannot be further monitored or managed and intranet users in branches are vulnerable to the attack of wooden horses and virus, so as to cause the paralysis of the internal net.detail>>

With the powerful performance, high reliability, hardware platform with high property, 64 operating systems, the proxy server increased by 50% compared to the traditional in performance, the avoidance of the compatibility of software and hardware and the unique dynamic linking and cleaning technique, it is efficient in avoiding the exhaustion of proxy server ports and it supports the stable operation under the condition of large amounts of strategies, thanks to its multi-dimensional and nonlinear policy engine technology.detail>>