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Netentsec Network Proxy Server (NS-NPS), a new generation of professional hardware proxy server product, adopting a hardware platform with high performance and high reliability, provides clients with network proxy, acceleration, authentification of...

Realize the security isolation of internal and external network


Through the NPS application agency agreement technology, the logical isolation of internal network and the internet, users’ official network and business network is realized, so as to put an end to the possibility of direct attack from the internet against the internal net and from the official network against the business network. And the network security level is improved in the aspect of network design.

It can avoid unauthorized application, unsecure visit and the risks and virus brought by the clients’ unsafe behavior by means of the NPS built-in behavior auditing and anti-virus module.



Accelerate Web visit


Through NPS webpage and video buffer technology, the webpage accessed by clients and online video can be cached to the local proxy server and the follow-up clients can read directly from local cache if they access the same resource, by which the access speed can reach that of Local Area Network.



Protect bandwidth line investment


As the behavior and content of clients in the certain scope and time share concentricity, the NPS cache acceleration technique can promote the access speed of webpage and video, improve the user experience and enhance the business access quality under the condition of non bandwidth investment increase.



Avoid the waste of bandwidth resource


By means of NS-NPS webpage filtration, traffic management technology, the use of bandwidth can be allotted reasonably, avoiding the abuse of valuable circuit resources by non work reason and the waste of bandwidth resource.



Realize the real-name network


Through NS-NPS authentication technology, it can link with the existing certification system of clients and realize the real-name network, for the convenience of management and tracking of problems.