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NV3000-10, as an application security access product with the integration of software and hardware, IPSec and SSL, is capable of providing the network manager with all kinds of mobile subscriber access, interconnection of branch structure node......

The functional value of the product

Enable the remote office staff on business to have security access:

The staff on business can use their PC, laptop, telephone, PAD and other mobile devices to get access to the intranet and visit its application system with no difference.


Still use the expensive special line for connected branches?

Between the headquarter and its branches, ASG adopts a safety LAN interconnection from port to port, which realizes a large LAN spanning geographical location. End-users need not allocate the client-side and can visit far-end resources without perception.   


Important special line, backup economy

Important special line resource requires a non-stop business the whole year. But the quality of the line is influenced by physical link and zero failure cannot be guaranteed. VPN technology can establish a backup link for the line to ensure the business quality, which is economical and practical.


Resource acceleration between different operators

The slowness of operators’ access to LAN has become a phenomenon. By using VPN to get access to the educational network, the access speed can increase several times over when the operators visit resources within the network.


Security access authentication of isolating intranet

As many intranets are at the state of isolation, there is a need to open different networks securely and provide graded safety certificate.