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Leading application identification technology

With nearly 10 years of technical accumulation in the application identification and content control fields, NetentSec NGFW can identify nearly 3000 network applications, including over 300 high-risk applications, and can evaluate different applications from various angles.


Diversified types of user identification

NetentSec NGFW supports authentication based on IP/MAC, computer name, POP3, Proxy, LDAP, AD domain, Radius and Portal, and supports interaction with various authentication systems, executing single-point authentication. 


China's biggest URL database

NetentSec has China’s biggest URL database which contains 30 million Chinese webpages. The database is updated every day so that malicious sites can be discovered immediately. 


Advanced active defense technology

NetentSec NGFW can perceive botnet hosts based on behavioral analysis and visualize the application threats through multi-dimensional data analysis and intelligent association and integration of various types of logs. And thus the users can find potential threats in the Internet in advance and take the initiative to adjust security policies. 


High-performance application security protection

With NetentSec’s patented technology - multicore acceleration forwarding engine and the advantages of the hardware, NetentSec NGFW realizes high-performance application security protection. 


Mobile identification and management

NetentSec NGFW supports more than 700 kinds of mobile Internet applications, covering mobile platforms including Apple, Android, Symbian etc. and mainstream application types including chat, microblog, video, maps etc.