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Complex and dangerous Internet environment

Intranet users have access to various information on the Internet. This brings convenience, but meanwhile the Intranet is likely to be attacked by Internet Trojan, viruses and other malicious code and get paralyzed.


Work efficiency reduction

Increasingly more employees are taking network activities irrelevant to work during work time, such as using emails incompliantly, browsing illegal websites, downloading music and movies in Bit Torrent and watching streaming media online. These seriously affect employees’ work efficiency.

Applications irrelevant to work take up bandwidth resources and influence important business.

Applications irrelevant to work, such as online video and online game, take up companies’ valuable bandwidth resources and even affect the operation of important business.


Adverse remarks bring negative impacts on the corporate image

Employees may intentionally or unintentionally release adverse remarks through the BBS, blog, microblog, IM, email, etc, bringing irreparable negative influence to the corporate image.