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NS-ITM (Intelligent Traffic Manager) is the first traffic management product of application layer in the technology field, which provides a solution to the integration of flow control and optimization.



With the fast development of Internet and the explosive growth of network flow, it has brought huge and inevitable challenges to basic bandwidth resources that a great many of applications occupy the bandwidth without order and restraint. Moreover, along with the globalization, more and more enterprises have begun to establish branches in the domestic or even global areas, which increases the burden of WAN transportation because of its data’s dense concentration.


Based on advanced application recognition technology, NS-ITM provides abundant flow perception means and helps managers know about network flow load, application structure and staff distribution and so on.



On this basis, it offers flexible bandwidth management means, solves the quality reduction caused by unreasonable bandwidth use, decreases bandwidth waste and improves the quality of key businesses.

Provides unilateral and bilateral accelerated optimization means, optimizes business transportation process, cuts down redundant data and promotes the transportation efficiency of WAN, so as to optimize its system quality.

It also provides link load balancing, measuring ability of the application quality to help managers take full advantage of different line resources and real-time monitor the use quality of different businesses.