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Leading Performances

Function Value


Perceive network flow and know comprehensively about the service condition of bandwidth resources.

The equipment provides abundant flow monitoring and analyzing means to know comprehensively about the overall flow load, the use ratio of bandwidth of all kinds of applications, the flow distribution of different staff and other important information, so as to establish accurate flow structural model and comprehend the service condition of bandwidth resources.


Perceive the flow load trend

Clearly grasp the real-time flow load information of the whole network and every link, the use ratio of bandwidth resources;
Perceive the trend of whole flow load every second, every hour, every day and every week;
Perceive anomaly traffic, real time monitor linking number, packet rate to find and locate exception quickly.


Perceive the component ratio of applications 

Clearly grasp the distribution proportion and ranking in the network;
Perceive the temporal trend of use ratio of different kinds of applications’ traffic;
Perceive the ranking of the applications which occupy the most bandwidth resources and the traffic trend of different applications;
Perceive the ratio condition of different applications’ integrated flux in the present or specified period.


Perceive the flow distribution of users

Clearly grasp the bandwidth ratio of staff and application distribution;
Perceive the ranking of staff who occupy the bandwidth most and the flow details of different staff;
Perceive the temporal trend of flow of different staff and the detailed information of their related allocation distribution;
Perceive the ratio condition of different applications’ integrated flux in the present or specified period.



Product Superiority




The throughput of the single machine of 20Gbps bi-directionally

64-bit system, wider highway processing capacity and greater concurrent processing capacity;

Technical protection of soft hardware intelligent bypass to ensure the unblocked internet;

Traffic overload protection and recovery mechanism to avoid network bottleneck;

Hot standby of dual system, CF card plus hardware to dually ensure the long-time and stable operation of the system.




It solution to the integration of flow control and optimization makes it possible to avoid irrelevant occupation of bandwidth, ensure and quicken key application flow, promote the cooperation efficiency of trans-region, and make full use of bandwidth value;

Traffic control

Control the flow of low value, ensure the core businesses and improve the level of resources utilization;

Link optimization

Intelligently distribute the application flow according to the link quality and optimize the use of link;

Quicken transportation: optimize TCP agreement, get rid of redundant data, improve transportation speed and strengthen application experience.




Support over 850 kinds of main stream applications and increase dozens of kinds every week and quickly upgrade frequently changing applications with the recognition rate of over 95%;

Take the lead in supporting application identification of mobile internet, covering more than 120 kinds, including Apple, Android, Saipan and other main stream platforms and increasing 30 kinds each week.




With the most wide drainage areas and coverage

Game, web browser, P2P download, network videos, stock and other applications and keep increasing;

The most thorough drainage, with the comprehensive drainage ratio of over 98% and most applications reach 100%

The presentation of drainage is the most clear and direct. Real-time present every kind of drainage ratio, change tendency, the flow constitution change of the original link and aimed link;

The deployment method is the most flexible, supporting four kinds of flow topology, which means it supports independent accomplishment and can finish the drainage by the cooperation of marked flow and Router;

The drainage is the most safe and stable and it is equipped with fall back mechanism. When the aimed link goes wrong, the flow can go back to the original link automatically to ensure an unblocked network. 




Refined application identification not only supports the control of P2P application flow of thunder but also supports the download of thunder HTTP, P2P and Web thunder download

Abundant flow choice supports the choice of flow management from time, users, source and direction;

Flexible management means supports direct block, flow rate restriction and total amount restriction.




Support the application identification and management under the environment of IPv6. No matter under IPv4 or IPv6, it can conduct accurate identification according to the application agreement features to satisfy the development demand of network and provide support for the smooth transition of network.