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For now the control of the internet visits is mainly realized through the firewall, however, as traditional network security equipment, it is mainly used for visit control, under which condition, the content of internet visits cannot be further monitored or managed and intranet users in branches are vulnerable to the attack of wooden horses and virus, so as to cause the paralysis of the internal net.


The conventional solution is to deploy a Squid soft agent program based on open source on the server within the firewall district DMZ, in order to protect in-house network, quicken network and provide support. It is well known, however, that along with the expansion of interior users, the program will slow down the internet speed instead of accelerating it once its weaknesses in property, stability and security appear.


The number of staff who send e-mails illegally, browse illegitimate websites, BT download music or movies, watch streaming media online is increasing day by day. It not only reduces the work efficiency but also occupies bandwidth resources when they are engaged in irrelevant activities in work time. Moreover, it may make the important businesses of the corporation less guaranteed and severely damage the corporate image by bad and revolt comments.